The following networks are some personal favorites, including affiliates★ and dear friends. They inspire me to move forward and always improve, and I am incredibly lucky to have been able to met such talented people.

Aku Andrea of lost-boy Crystal of zeruda Elysa of nymphae Emily of catnox
as Jupiter as Uranus as Moon as Saturn as Pluto
Emily @ Catnox
Lethe of oubliette Masao of shinshoku Megan of like-knives Samantha of after-death
as Neptune as Chibi Moon as Mercury as Mars

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I have provided a selection of buttons that you may use to link back to this domain. Please upload the button of your choice to your own server and link back to http://sutarodo.net

Thank you to my 2016 Amassment Secret Santa Elysa, Masao, and Mikari for the donations!