Sutarodo is currently the home world to three shrines, two cliques, and a fanlisting collective. You also may be interested in my curret projects!

Pure Heart ☆ Hero of Time ☆ Legend of Zelda

Pure Heart is a dedication to my favorite incarnation of Link from the Legend of Zelda series: the Hero of Time. This shrine will follow Link through his adventures in Hyrule and Termina and speculate his life after being a hero. This shrine is a participant in Amassment's Construction Zone event!

Killer Grin ☆ Pancham ☆ Pokemon

Killer Grin is a shrine dedicated to a little panda Pokemon!

Grumble ☆ Groucho ☆ Animal Crossing

Grumble is a one-page shrine dedicated to Groucho from the Animal Crossing series.

Zelda Clique
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