January 1, 2017

Hello! I want to apologize for the gap between this update and the last one. Things have been a little quiet around here. Due to personal reasons and health concerns, I've spent some time prioritizing web projects and have closed some fanlistings. They are subjects that are very important to me, but I am struggling to keep up with everything. Sadly, some had to go. I am limiting my applications to only the dearest subjects from now on. I apologize for any disappointment and inconvenience due to these closings, but I thank you for understanding.

I participated in Amassment's Secret Santa exchange which was an amazing experience. I have added codes and buttons to Regal and Sutarodo, courtesy of my wonderful Santa Elysa and also organizer/Santa's helper Masao. Thank you both so much!

Fanlisting news: I WAS APPROVED FOR MY TOP WISHLISTER, Bulbasaur! It still feels like a dream! I'm really excited and honored to be able to run the fanlisting to such a special Pokemon. Application is currently in to crosslist at The Anime Fanlistings Network. Fingers are crossed. Fanlisting also features beautiful code donations by Elysa and Megan. Braixen was renamed and has a beautiful, new layout gifted to me by Elysa.

Typically, I don't make New Years resolutions, but here's a list of my goals for 2017 (originally posted at Amassment):

  1. Finish Regal -- a very specific goal because I'm only two sections away from completing it. Hoping to finish...soon ;_;
  2. Revamp fanlisting collective + close/adopt some stuff out (to prioritize other web projectssss)
  3. Progress on my Link shrine! Not sure if finishing it is in sight yet, but I'd love to at least write up some more pages (and escape note hell)
  4. Shrine a HunterxHunter character????
  5. Try to participate in and finish a shrine for some marathons this year!

I also am planning on converting this updates log to use a script. Currently, I'm doing everything manually, and it is a bit exhausting. Thanks for reading. Best wishes!

October 29, 2016

New look for the updates page! I wanted something lighter. I redid the network page because it felt a little clunky before. I hope that it's a little easier to read and that it looks better overall.

I did a link clean-up and removed dead links and also cleaned up some affiliates. If you were removed from there and still want to affiliate, please just contact me somehow! I just cleaned off those who didn't link back, but you're always welcome back. I plan on figuring out another way to make my links page a little more organized. It's just kind of a mess right now. I appreciate your patience.

Sadly, I put Farm Story on a little hiatus. I'm trying to come up with something for that shrine, and it's stressing me out so the best course of action right now is to put it aside and focus on other projects. In semi-related news, I have launched Pure Heart which is a dedication to Link, the Hero of Time. It's small right now because it is a participant in Amassment's Construction Zone event. I'd been wanting to create a shrine to this character for so long so I'm really glad to have something online finally!

For news related to fanlistings, I did close a handful of them. I apologize to members and affiliates. I am currently struggling with a few personal issues and thought it would be the best course of action for me right now. I spent some time reflecting this month on the state of my collective and my projects, and my wishlist has been cut down to half.

North Star, the fanlisting for Laphicet from Tales of Berseria, has been opened. Bowser Jr. has finally been moved to Hylia (since Sylvarant expires early 2017) and features a new name, new codes, and a new layout!

September 30, 2016

I've made a public Twitter for small updates regarding my domains. Most updates will be posted here, but consider that an area where I post smaller things and ideas. I've reflected the contact page to reflect this.

Twinkle has a brand new layout. The last layout was not very user friendly, and I tried to minimize the amount of content written on each page. I went through and fixed all of this to compensate for a layout that was more text friendly. I also re-added a donation that I somehow lost when moving it over to this domain.

Farm Story is going to go on a hiatus. I want to rethink my vision. I will continue to work on content as I feel motivated.

Fanlisting related news: Departure received a small backend update and a few stylesheet fixes. I added Espurr to the network at Shiny Charm. Mikleo was cross-listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network. The fanlisting for Regal Bryant has also been relocated to its new URL at Atonement. The old URL will redirect to the new URL for the foreseeable future. New codes have been created. The beautiful layout was donated by Samantha. Gunner has received a completely new revamp. Layout has been totally redone and recoded up to my newer standards (seriously, the old HTML was a mess), and the old, ugly codes were replaced with newer ones.

August 19, 2016

Farm Story is finally open! It is a personal dedication to the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons (Bokujo Monogatari) series. This shrine is part of Amassment's Construction Zone event so it's not too large of a shrine yet, but I hope that it can grow! You can follow the Amassment topic here.

Sutarodo finally has a 404 page! If you want to see it, click here! The design was completely outside of my comfort zone, but I had a lot of fun making it. I love Star Fox and have never appropriately featured it on my site so I figured it would be perfect for a cute and simple 404 page. Peppy is my favorite character, and I always love his little quirky quotes so I chose him as the featured character. Quotes should be randomized, and everything should be written in the font from Star Fox on Super Nintendo. The design should also be roughly centered.

Three new fanlistings have been added to Hylia: R2-D2 (Star Wars series), Espurr (Pokemon), and Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Airbender).

Twinkle and Unity received new members.

July 28, 2016

I've decided on a design for Sutarodo's update layout. I will be posting updates here for all things on Hylia and Sutarodo.

Grumble has been moved to Sutarodo from its old home on Sylvarant. It also had a huge revamp.

  1. I changed the fonts which made a DRASTIC difference. You can still view the old version here for a bit longer because I really wanted to showcase how much of a difference just changing the font made!
  2. Other touch-ups on the layout include resizing the images in the tables, adding sprites by Mikari, and fixing up some of the colors! If something looks weird to you, please let me know!
  3. Added the Shrine Spotlight award! Thank you all so much for liking my shrine! :D
  4. NEW SECTIONS. I was unable to make these sections before due to release date limitations or some other hurdle that I only have recently been able to overcome.
    • Combined appearances and games in the series since it seemed like a waste to list them twice.
    • Added updates to the Introduction section! Animal Crossing is a very alive series with new things coming out all the time so I want to try to update this shrine so an updates section seemed very appropriate.
    • Expanded the "Catch Phrase" section to include information on my own Groucho's catch phrase!
    • Retitled "Physical Appearance" to just "Appearance" and expanded it to include his house that I made in Happy Home Designer and his amiibo card.
    • Added a bunch of new images to the gallery!

Killer Grin is my newest shrine dedicated to Pancham from the Pokemon series which opened on July 4, 2016. This shrine transformed into something outside of my initial expectations, and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing!

Shiny Charm, my Pokemon collective, received a completely new revamp and a bit more direction and structure for future Pokemon shrines which I've also listed here. Collective has been expanded outside of just an extension of my fanlisting collective since that was not what I originally wanted it to become.

Unity received some minor edits such as URL and email changes, a new member was added, and I split up some of the pages so there wasn't an overload of information.

Twinkle received a new member.