Sutarodo is currently the home world to four shrines and a fanlisting collective.

Pure Heart ☆ Hero of Time ☆ Legend of Zelda

Pure Heart is a dedication to my favorite incarnation of Link (and my favorite fictional character) from the Legend of Zelda series: the Hero of Time. It will follow Link through his adventures in Hyrule and Termina, analyze who he is and what he became, and speculate about his life after being a hero. This shrine is online but under construction!

Atonement ☆ Regal Bryant ☆ Tales of Symphonia

As my favorite character from my favorite game, Regal is an underappreciated and, admittedly, underdeveloped playable character. However, he's still one of my favorite characters because I'm a fan of revenge stories (and muscles). Atonement evaluates Regal's role in the story as a secondary character as he attempts to atone for his crime.

Killer Grin ☆ Pancham ☆ Pokemon

Killer Grin is an analysis dedicated to Pokemon #674, Pancham (and by extension, its evolution Pangoro). As one of my favorite Pokemon, Pancham is adorable and one of the first Pokemon that I'd decided to shrine. This shrine inspects the two Pokemon in comparison to other bear Pokemon, other Pokemon, and other anime and video game characters.

Grumble ☆ Groucho ☆ Animal Crossing

Grumble is a one-page personal tribute to my favorite grumpy bear, Groucho. Somehow, I've always had him living in my town so he slowly became my favorite villager. This site covers basic information about the game and character and also includes my own personal experiences with Groucho and his interactions with my mayor. Also, there's fun screenshots!