Fledgling Chosen

My name is Megan, and I am the owner of this network! I live with my partner and our two beautiful cats in the Midwest, USA. I am a self-proclaimed glorious Nintendo Adventurer (thanks, Lethe) and make tributes to cute things. I hope to convey my adoration of these subjects through my shrines and projects. I love to analyze everything, especially video games, and I have a background in scientific research. I especially love to research when creating a shrine because I also get to learn new things! These sites serve as a way to express my devotion to my favorite subjects within a community of other like-minded individuals.

I am quite active in both shrining and fanlisting communities, and I am currently the F/U/C/T staffer for Characters: Book/Movie at The Fanlistings Network and a trouble checker for the Miscellaneous and Characters: Book/Movie categories. I am also a freelance staffer at Amassment, an active shrining community. I hope you check out both communities if you are unfamiliar with either!

Artwork on this page was a commission drawn for me by kappasuit.